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AI algorithms work in the background adapting chatbots to customer needs.

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Artificial intelligence chat bot

Customer service powered by AI

Chatsooner uses AI to help you better support, engage, and sell across channels.

Natural Language Processing

Interpret human speech and deliver well-tailored responses with NLP algorithms.

Machine Learning

Chatsooner analyzes user input to continuously improve performance.

Chatsooner Artificial intelligence - NLP and Machine Learning


Right helper in a flash

ChatSooner chatbots can direct your customer to the right agent should it fail to satisfy the customer's needs.

ChatBot matching systems - Machine Learning and Keywords
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Natural conversations

Logical conversation structures for ChatSooner Stories keep your chatbot on topic. Customers will feel like they’re having a natural conversation.

Custom messages for unrecognized phrases

Custom fallback messages give chatbots a way to naturally continue the conversation, even when they run into inputs outside their Story. Better, Chatsooner collects unrecognized phrases to keep improving your Stories.

Chat bot custom fallback messages

AI algorithms control context

Customers will be guided through the conversation tree in a natural way. They’ll receive appropriate responses such as if they want to delete personal data at the end of a chat.

Smart chat bot responses for better user experience


Improve with each chat

ChatSooner chatbot automatically saves all unrecognized phrases and suggests them as possible Story additions. Add suggestions with one click.

Conversational chat bot before and after ChatBot training


Your clever chatbot

Entities are lists and synonyms of your products, locations, and services. They help chatbots catch and validate data important for your Story.

ChatBot entitie
Email icon


Make sure that your customers entered the correct email address to stay in touch.

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Phone number

Let the chatbot validate phone numbers entered by users and never miss a lead.

Custom entity icon

User entities

Make your own entity – your company’s product list or anything you want.

Run whatsapp marketing  campaigns & smart promotions.

Show off your products

Display your products in the right way. Make use of catalogs,cards and carousels to draw customers' attention and engage them with your offers.

Show off products and sell more using conversational marketing

Promotions & Referrals

Grow your business by broadcasting promotions and rewards based on referrals. Utilize whatsapp's capabilities to the max.

Engage more users and promote special offers with chat bot

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